FinAnalysis Release

In our ongoing efforts to provide efficient computational features, we are pleased to introduce Deltix's new FinAnalysis product. It combines 49 Technical Indicators and a number of special collections useful for  implementing algorithmic trading strategies. FinAnalysis is a comprehensive .NET library for processing large quantities of real-time and historical time-series data with built-in correlation analysis and calculations of descriptive statistics.

Here are a few highlights of its robust functionality:

  • Great simplicity. Our Indicators' API is designed to make simple operations in purely intuitive way.
  • All indicators use optimized algorithms and formulas which perform fast robust recalculation in minimal time.
  • Various options for technical indicators usage: point based sliding windows, time based sliding window, offline data processing.
  • All indicators support large amount of options: input validation, resampling factors, cloning and copying of its internal state, accessing history of previous values, stability indicator.
  • All indicators are equipped with special attributes and interfaces making integration with any automated system (i.e. charting or pattern fetching frameworks) seamless.
  • Base classes provide an easy way to extend library with your own indicators, which will automatically support all indicators' library features.
  • Special collections make custom indicators implementation straightforward and intuitive. Custom collections maintain sliding windows and support statistics calculation.

Visit the product page for more information (such as list of built-in indicators) and get a free 30 day trial key:

Follow the link to download the latest FinAnalysis version. Note that you must be logged in to access the download page.

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All RTMath components provide excellent computational efficiency and memory utilization, they are easy to use, and well documented. The installation includes API references with the description of classes and class members combined with detailed code samples.

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Customer Quotes:

Huabin Shen, Bond Trust: The FinMath library provides a comprehensive set of tools for our research and its execution efficiency impressed us. Excellent product, highly recommended.